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Beauty and Wellness – by Aeindri Beauty

“Organic skin care” is our motto. Our Vision is to share the best skin care ideas and the products those lead to healthy and glowing skin. We provide our opinion and reviews for healthy routine and Wellness topics.

Our Story

Aeindri is my vision of a skin care brand. Aeindri is a fusion of traditional rituals and modern technique to nurture skin in the best possible way. ‘Aeindri’, the word derives from Indian mythology, it stands for the goddess of beauty and wellness.

At Aeindri, my effort is to utilize the knowledge from traditions, sages and scriptures. Utilize it carefully with modern techniques, and extend the output to generations. My goal is to study, recommend and utilize cruelty free brands those are committed to creating natural herbal products while following my passion. I believe sharing is caring.

Although the skin and its ailments occupy very little space, its mention in such an ancient literature during the early part of the history is noteworthy. As the early medicine and its methodology described in the ṚgVeda was the cornerstone on which the edifice of the exceedingly well-organized medical system of Āyurveda – the science of life – was built, further researches may throw more light about skin and its diseases.

The study of the Vedic medicine has attracted scholars from all over the globe. A religious text, the Vedic literature gives an idea regarding the diseases, the philosophy and way of management in the ancient world, although in a primitive and mystic manner. This gigantic literature “represented the very best in speculative thinking apart from containing numerous references on drugs, diseases and stars.”


Friends and folks are welcome to join Aeindri beauty in staying healthy, share and use different organic tips and products. Write us to try and connect.